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I am not one to copy a reference photo exactly. If I wanted an exact copy of photo then I would print one out. I want to know that an artist’s hand was involved. Not to say there aren’t many beautifully rendered paintings that are so photo realistic that it is mind boggling, but that is not how I paint. That is also why I seldom provide a reference photo when I share my work. People tend to get so involved in finding what you didn’t replicate exactly that they lose the overall spirit of the art itself.
Where is yesterday? When did yesterday move away from us? Now we have a new day that is unfamiliar and unpleasant. Are you wondering where it all went? The casual contact with faces unknown, without any fear of consequence beyond the usual. The friendly hug, the extended handshake, the connection with others. Lost in an instant by headlines that continue to shock a nation, a world. Someone has pushed the reset button and we are now taken back to a time of unrest. For those of us that have been there before, we are left feeling like we have just eaten a piece of spoiled fruit. We know the fruit is usually sweet but somehow it has gone bitter. The sun isn’t as bright, the birds aren’t singing as sweet and the smell of a beautiful bloom seems to have faded into a memory of yesterday’s freedom to roam about unhindered. For those of us lucky enough to still be able to observe these changing times there have been some amazing examples of perseverance and innovation. For most of us, we feel the hope and have the determination to  keep moving forward. We have no other choice except to let […]
Today we leave our little paradise in Indio, California and head to Dallas, Texas for a family wedding. It will be great to see everyone, it is going to be nice to see the Texas landscape and refresh my memory of the state that I was born in. I always wondered if I was supposed to end up living in Texas but South Dakota won my heart. I should be back home around May 1st and am looking forward to trying a new medium: water soluble oils. I want to continue to begin my paintings with OPEN acrylics but see if there is a difference if I finish them with water soluble oils. Perhaps this would be a good place to ask you – what do you love about oils? What is it that you can achieve in your portrait work with oils that you cannot achieve with acrylics? What is your favorite skin tone base? Do you use a limited palette or a wide variety of colors? What are your favorite mixing mediums? These are all questions I seek answers to. The thing that drives me forward is my own dissatisfaction with my work. I haven’t yet achieved the […]
April Showers bring May Flowers
Remember that old saying? Well it is so very true as we have seen here in Southern California this year with what they are calling a Super Bloom. I think that is a great way to describe my art journey this month. I am in Super Bloom! I have discovered so many new methods and they have helped me redefined what I want to accomplish in my art journey. I attended a very nice art show this month that was held near Indio, California – our winter home. What I saw inspired me in so many ways and also freed me from the self imposed restrictions I have been placing on my art. I also have discovered how much fun it is to sketch with charcoal and how freeing it is too. You can see me learning how to freehand portraits under Boho Artisan – Videos in the main menu at the top of this site. My latest challenge is to learn how to look at a person or image and draw/paint my subject without the use of grids, rulers or projectors. I have found charcoal pencils give me the most freedom and fun. Mixed Media art extends my expressionism […]
What do you feel?
Other than enjoying the process and just loving to paint I haven’t given much thought to this question until I started working on a few recent portraits. As I worked on each one I noticed how much love was in my heart for the people I was painting. Each one giving me a warm feeling as I worked to try and capture their likeness and the details of the moment. Perhaps it is because I am no longer trying to figure out what and how the techniques are achieved and can now relax more and enjoy the experience of painting someone I love. Each one is a special person to me and some capture a moment in time that tells a story. And then I started working on a painting of my beautiful grand-daughter and was moved to tears by what a beautiful young woman she is becoming and how privileged I felt to be her grandmother. So what I am saying is have we ever talked about what the artist experiences as they paint a particularly beautiful scene or memory? Is that why some paintings touch our hearts more than others? Is it because we feel the emotion of […]
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