Mixed Media Artisan

My journey in art takes me to a place where I seek to discover the essence of my subjects, usually women or children but sometimes flowers or fantasy. A song might inspire me or a glimpse- but the important thing to me is to bring something beautiful to my canvas. To pull out rather than copy as it initially appears. When I observe art I want to feel emotion. I want to be transported to a time or place. Or feel that I have discovered the essence of the persons soul. To expose a deeper dimension than seen at first glance.

Each stage of my art journey involves learning a new skill set. I continue to search for the perfection of skin tones and realism yet find myself fleeing the moment my art gets too tedious. Patience is not my strong point I guess!
Having discovered art at a late date in life I feel a constant reminder that I don’t have years left to master this or that! I have to make art now. This makes for some disappointing work but it is all valuable if it teaches me a new skill set.

The skill set I am working on of late is to look at a reference photo and work from it without grids or projectors. To place my rendition on canvas or board freestyle. I believe this will eventually give me the ability to work with a live model. Or it may just give me a skill that will help me portray what I see as an artist in a way that gives the viewer the information they need to understand who the subject is and what that subject is trying to say.

My favorite art word is: rendition because of the flexibility in that word to present art in your own unique way.